8th Edition

PQ Pursuit Event

"The survival of my toe nails and even a couple of toes remains to be decided. The beer and hot chocolate double fisting, the lights, media attention and crowd, the team pride, and above all the feeling of absolute happiness and accomplishment, I know it was all worth it."

- Katie Ferrington (Team Journey)

Primal Quest Pursuit – Supported

PURSUIT COURSE – New and unique to Primal Quest 2018!  With a nod to our GodZone Partners in New Zealand we are pleased to offer a pursuit version of our event.  Essentially we slightly adjust our Primal Quest Pure course to create this exciting race to include support crews which is designed to be completed in 4-5 days.

The Primal Quest Pursuit teams will experience most of the same amazing back country but the distance is shorter and navigation is easier. Plus, you have the benefit of a support crew to keep you hydrated, fed and organized as they transport your gear and equipment and meet you at every transition area.

The course is designed to still offers all of the physical and mental challenge of the Primal Quest Pure epic course and includes; trail run, mountain bike, flat water paddle, mountaineering and rope disciplines. For those that are still working on their expedition racing experience or are strapped for vacation time this may be a great option for you.


COURSE DISTANCE: Approximately 300km
RACE DATE: Thursday 6th Sept – Saturday 15th Sept 2018
EXPECTED WINNING TIME: Approximately 5 Days
TEAM FORMAT: Teams of 4. All female/male teams permitted. Only mixed teams eligible for trophies and prizes
SUPPORT CREWS: Required (‘Supported’ – please see below for details)
ENTRY PRICE: $6,500 (Early Entry Discount) or $6,750 USD (Standard Entry)
PRIZES: GODZone 2019 Team Entry

What's involved?

Primal Quest Pursuit event is an event unto itself. It is a great initiation event for those that want to take part in the Primal Quest Pure Expedition. It is also a great option if you can’t commit the time/money necessary to train and pay for an expedition race. It is designed to run from along most of the same course but with some of the distances shortened. This being a point to point race you will still have to traverse a lot of the same tough elevation and terrain.

Additionally your support crew is welcome to support not only your body fuel and equipment needs they may also assist in reviewing maps and routes to help your team successfully navigate and complete the race. And its always nice to have a friendly hug, a hot meal, and miraculously clean clothes every once in a while.

Support crews are limited to a maximum of 2. In some of the transition areas we have limited space and we are keen to also keep it fair and equitable across all teams. You will be required to provide your own support vehicle that can transport your team bikes and gear boxes. More vehicle and equipment details will be provided in upcoming Newsletters. Boats and rafts will be transported by race management.

Primal Quest Pursuit winning time is anticipated to be 4-5 days with up to 10 days to finish.